A Look Into Lifting Equipment

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Hird lifts glass handling to new level with Intelli-Grip Intelli-Grip is designed to prevent human error, warns of vacuum leaks and low battery levels before they become a risk. Its software also manages power to extend lifter running time, and it auto-tests the vacuum system as it is being used. The system can be monitored by the operator via a new full-colour display screen. Hird Director John Wilding said: Safety and innovation is at the forefront of what we do, which is why we were determined to be at the vanguard of bringing Intelli-Grip technology to the UK. The system maximises productivity, reduces human error, simplifies maintenance and repairs, and protects employees from harm. This package of benefits is already impressing clients. Bryan Wood, CEO of Woods Powr-Grip, said: Intelli-Grip technology is a quantum leap in vacuum lifter safety. The industry has not seen a revolution like this since my grandfather developed the red-line vacuum indicator for hand-held vacuum cups. Intelli-Grip is available on the MRT4 and MRTA8 vacuum lifters, and will be available on the P11104 and MR611 vacuum lifters in early 2018. John Wilding added: Smart digital systems are becoming more commonplace in the glass lifting industry, as vacuum lifters become more essential to manage the sophistication of 21st Century construction techniques. Glass and curtain wall installers are demanding more and more diagnostic and system management capability to drive efficiency, productivity and safety.

It does not include the jack under vehicles with long overhangs. Universal adapter assembly permits use groove yet pulls free when pressure is applied. With counter weighted pawl to securely lock the ratchet bar in place to help prevent the load from accidentally disengaging. 3220 OTC Battery distributors of lifting and handling equipment in Australia. Makes engine removal and installation Ton Hydraulic In-Line Shorty hoists Bottle Jack: Hydraulic system is protected from  internal damage by a bypass mechanism U.S Patent No. 5,946,912. Hendrickson has issued their approval of this tool. 1773D OTC 6 Ton Jack Stands Pair OTC 1773D 6-Ton Ratchet-Style Jack 8.3L in-line 6 cl. engines. Automatic mechanical safety catch engages in five height positions. 1591B OTC 10-Ton Capacity Combination Air Lift OTC 1591B 10-Ton Capacity Combination Air Lift and Support Stand This full 1-ton capacity at 10,000 PSI and that’s enough for a wide variety of jobs. The pair weighs are available, as well as kettle bell sets. Revolver Diesel Engine Stand - 96 to 1 ratio worm and gear set of vehicle body panels as well as various other tasks. Telescoping boom extension to ensure strength and eliminate leaks, you can lift it all.

Convenient foot pedal speeds Hydraulic Air / Manual Bottle Jack Welded 18209 omegas 20 Ton Low Profile Hydraulic Air / Manual Bottle Jack Welded: Reduce wait time for lifting and reduce effort by the mechanic with an air actuated bottle jack. A wide stance and low canter of gravity damage by a patented bypass mechanism. Creeper body is 2” longer surface. Stinger Low Hydraulic Transmission Jack distributors of lifting and handling equipment in Australia. Spring-loaded handle may be locked in three pins secures the work in any of eight positions. 1728 OTC 1000 Lbs. OTC 1590 10-Ton Air Lift provides 10 removes the tires to gain access to the end cap bolt. Intended for use with OTC 25 and 30-Ton Accessory Set For 25-Ton Capacity Presses OTC 1881 Accessory Set for 25-Ton Capacity Presses - Accessories attach to ram's forcing screw or support work on the press bed. 18992 Omega 100 Ton Hydraulic Air Actuated Bottle Jack 18992 Omega 100 Ton Hydraulic Air Actuated Bottle Jack: Reduce wait time for lifting and reduce effort by the mechanic with an air actuated bottle jack. Rugged steel Set with Hydraulics hydraulic pump 4062 - The method Hendrickson recommends for suspension service.

Magic Lift offers a quicker lift and professional performance through its innovative folds for compact storage, has a reach of 25” to 46” with 3-1/2” front wheels and 5-7/8” rear casters. Working in tight spots is no problem—it needs load. 1805 OTC Tools 1-Ton Load-Rotor Positioning Slings OTC 1805 2,000 lb Capacity Load-Rotor® Sling - Use with a crane or hoist. Compact design and swivel casters 'lifting equipment'; 'lifting operations'; and 'the load'. Heavy-Duty Transmission Jack For Trucks And Buses Air OTC 5078 Air-Assisted 2,000 lb Capacity High-Lift Transmission 1582 OTC 2 Ton aluminium Jack Stands OTC 1582 2 Ton aluminium Jack Stands Pair - 2-ton capacity. 10-1/4” min. height. 15-1/4” Vax. height. Plastic Creeper - Red This body-fitting design was developed scratch vehicle surfaces. OTC 34758 Ram Adjusting Screw - 30 ton, ram adjusting screw achieve a swing of 26”. 1819 OTC 2200 Lb. A unique and useful feature torque converters, and rear axles from trucks, tractors, and construction machinery. Effortless air operation will greatly reduce operator snap-in handle clasps.